Assessing Reverberation

Reverberation is a build up of sound reflecting from hard surfaces that causes sound to distort.  Undertaking a reverberation time assessment allows us to determine how a room functions in…

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Omni-directional noise source
Omni-directional noise source

What are Building Acoustics?

Building acoustics (also known as architectural acoustics) focuses on internal and external noise levels and how we control these to comply with the requirements of standard and guidance documents such…

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Benefits of building acoustics - Residential
Be it one room or a hundred, residential acoustics affects all

Why are room acoustics important?

Poor room acoustics have a negative effect on how the room or space sounds. A poorly designed room will impact on those within the room and therefore ensuring that the…

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New E-brochure

Over the last few months we have been working hard re-branding and preparing our new E-brochure which is now available to download. The brochure contains information on the different sectors…

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E-brochure cover for services
Services and sectors we work with

Absorption, Reflection, Reduction And Flanking

So what is absorption, reflection, reduction and flanking? What does it have to do with acoustics? How does it affect my project and what can I do?When sound energy hits…

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Noise Control
Noise control in words

The Benefits Of Good Acoustics

What are the benefits of good acoustics? Acoustics are an integral part of many different building types and designs, and usually, just the bare minimum is undertaken to meet statutory…

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Approving Designs
Helping make acoustic designs work for you