Commercial venues and spaces include shops, office spaces and a wide range of uses in the entertainment and leisure industry. Be it a retail space, offices, cinema, restaurant, gym or any one of an endless list of applications.. 
Commercial spaces do not have any specific acoustic standards, however depending on the business type, guidance may be taken from various standards over a number of different sectors.
Planning will still need to be adhered to and therefore the Approved Documents published by the Government must be included in any designs or plans. Other considerations may need to be taken in to account for Environmental Impact Assessments and to ensure BS 4142 and BS 8233 are met, if necessary.
Depending on the business being undertaken other aspects such as good office acoustics, privacy and excellent listening environments (music stores, recording studios etc) may also be required.

Benefits of good acoustics

Poor acoustics have a detrimental effect on  health and well being and can ruin a customer’s experience and this often leads to less repeat visits and overall a loss in revenue.
By promoting good acoustics the environment becomes more enjoyable creating a better consumer experience.   This can increase revenue as customers will stay longer.  A good experience can increase positive reviews online and through social media platforms, thus generating higher customer footfall.
One of the most common causes of poor acoustics in restaurants and shops is excessive reverberation. This is easy to identify through reverberation testing and can be treated with decorative acoustic panels that will improve the acoustic environment within the space for both staff and customers.
We can also provide assistance with issues around sound insulation for noise either created within your premises and possibly affecting others outside of your business or noise entering your premises from external sources that has a negative impact on your business.

Commercial Spaces
Treated duct and hung baffles