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2020 has proved to be a most eventful year for every person around the globe and one that will not be forgotten quickly and open for business is not something I had expected to be announcing.
January saw the threat of Covid-19 escalate quickly with events in China starting to be felt in Europe and industry began to formulate plans on how to cope with the oncoming threat to their business.
By the beginning of March it was apparent that Covid-19 was going to be a major health risk and steps would need to be taken to limit the infection rate.  ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Social Distancing’ were swiftly becoming the most commonly used word and a source of great concern on how companies would be able to operate under such conditions.
It was around the beginning of March that my former employer decided that the business needed restructuring. As a result I was put on notice of redundancy just a week or so before the lockdown came into force.   Working from home would become the new norm for a lot of people.

Unfortunate timing and opportunities

It was a strange feeling as the threat of redundancy didn’t worry me, even with Covid-19 adding all those additional problems we have come to see as the new normal.
The optimist in me knew that given my experience, I would find a position within the acoustics industry quickly.  Alas, Covid-19 was the curve ball that meant this would suddenly become much harder as businesses began reducing the services offered, and eventually furloughing their employees as a way of safe guarding jobs.

Redundancy and Covid-19 left me a great deal of free time to consider my next move and the initial concept for AEI Acoustics was conceived around the end of April when it became apparent that the return to any form of normality was going to take months and therefore the chance of securing employment in the near future was beginning to look more unlikely.
Over the last 13 years I had gained a great deal of practical knowledge with acoustics solutions a for the architectural and industrial sectors, as an estimator, contracts engineer running contracts and designing solutions, technical sales engineer and finally as a business unit manager responsible for the sales team and day to day commercial aspects.

I had also been working closely with acoustic consultants and knew that the professional services to undertake acoustic testing, surveys and computer modelling could also be supplied through the use of these fully qualified acoustic consultants.

Building blocks to being open for business

By the end of August I had finalised a business plan, designed and wrote our own website and put into place all the pieces needed to provide a comprehensive acoustic consultancy and design service.

By September the company had been incorporated, accountants and bank accounts put in to place and a multitude of other boxes ticked off in anticipation of launching the business.

The last 6 months has been long process during which I have questioned my own abilities and extensively deliberated over whether starting a new business is the right decision (given the current climate).  Each and every time the answer has been one of confidence in the success of this new company and I am positive that it will be worth the roller coaster of emotions experienced to date and yet to be uncovered.

It has taken a while but great to announce finally that AEI ACOUSTICS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

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