Village halls (or community centres) are the cornerstone of many small communities around the United Kingdom. Often built with funds raised from private or Government funding that is procured through lengthy application processes.
They are usually built to meet the demands of the local community and as a consequence, acoustics are generally overlooked, especially given the limited budgets available.
These halls have a tendency to have high levels of reverberation given the relatively large volume and hard, reflective surfaces. Music events and amateur dramatics are often key activities that such halls are built to accommodate, but high reverberation levels has a profound affect on the spoken word or music.
Issues also arise when renting the hall out to other users, such as playgroups, weight-loss meetings, martial-arts lessons, Scouts, Guides and other social events, leading to complaints or repeat bookings being lost.

Having worked with Village Hall committees for over ten years we are aware of the constraints on budget and the need to raise money through grants or fundraising and tailor our advice and specifications to help meet these issues.

Reverberation in Village Halls

Without a doubt reverberation is the main issue that these small community based halls suffer from. Often built with minimal design requirements to save on cost, users of this space often complain about the poor acoustics. In our experience, this is the most common reason why organisations move out of these venues resulting in the loss of much needed revenue.
To ensure the minimum treatment is applied for maximum results we advise that a reverberation assessment is carried out (either through testing or calculation).

Resolving these issues

Adding appropriate acoustic wall panels or ceiling panels is an easy fix for reverberation and once we understand how the hall performs acoustically, the quantity of required material can be calculated and designs drawn up to solve the problem.

We appreciate that funding such works may be time consuming as grants usually need to be applied for and agreement is required from the committee to undertake the work.
We will, therefore, always assess what the minimum requirements are and will provide additional advice so that the treatment can be installed by members of the community with suitable practical skills.

Village Halls & Community Centres

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